Security deposit – $850
Monthly rent and utilities – $700
Walking about nude in your very own apartment – Priceless

Matchmaker fee – $200
Wedding hall and dress – $2000
Always having a date to parties and all that – Priceless

Used car – $4000
Regular check-ups and gas – $400
Singing along to whatever radio station you want – Priceless

DUI ticket – $109
Lawyer fees and bail – $1600
Having a best friend around after the heartbreak – Priceless

Gym membership – $150
Fat-free foods and snacks – $1500
Giving Queen B a run for her money – Priceless


Female. Daughter. Big Sister. Cousin. Best Friend. Little Sister. Friend. Nigerian. Electrical Engineer. Business Analyst. Chorister. Secretary. Introvert. Feeler. Mentor. Sporadic Writer. All-time Reader.

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