Peeje T

I discovered Peeje T. via this Gizmodo article, and while the article disappointed in that it had very little to do with technology, the discovery itself was quite entertaining.

Peeje T. or peejet as he is known across the interwebs, is famous for his hilarious photoshop images where he perfectly splices himself into popular celebrity shots. From casually chatting with Jay-Z to sympathising with a benched Kobe, if his photos are to be believed, Peeje T. is best friends with every celeb out there! 😯

But of course, his photos are not to be believed, and are merely for show. Yet, considering how well they are done, and the amount of popularity he is gaining as a result… the day might come when he posts a real photo with a celebrity. So my question is, will he be believed then? 😛

Peeje T Photo
Peeje T w/ Beyonce & Baby Blue. Scandalous!

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