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Hello Red String readers. Before I start with a formal introduction, I want to first say a big thank you to Damola for writing this blog and keeping everyone posted on his life. You never really know what he’s going to do next. First, he’s studying Computer Science at Drexel, and the next thing you find out, he’s written and published The Duet . I don’t know how he does it!

Now the introduction. Drum roll please…

Hello everyone, my name is Simi and I will be the unofficial official editor for The Red String. THANK YOU NEPOTISM. Luckily for you readers, I am studying Journalism and do enjoy writing. So there is some connection to the job besides the fact that my parents have known his parents for eons. Hopefully this new arrangement becomes a win-win for everyone involved. Damola gets help and input, you avid readers get more bang for your subscription and time, and I awaken my muse who has been lulled to sleep by tertiary education in a business focused school.

I’m really excited to be here. If you have any questions or comments, you know where they go….right down below. But, if you’re shy and you don’t want the world to see, shoot me an email at


Simi is Journalism student at Baruch College. Like the pimple on my chin?

3 thoughts on “From The New Editor

    1. Thanks aunty toki.
      and please, a happy belated fathers day to uncle seun, his dad, uncle ade, and all the other men in your life

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