Imagine a line. A single running red line. Now imagine that line represents one man’s life. It rises with his every success, and dips with his every failure. Loops with his every experience, and twists with his every realisation. As a result it occassionally forms a small knot along its way.

That man is me - Damola Mabogunje; and that line? That line is The Red String.

The Red String (ISSN: 2164-7321) is a serial created, managed, and mostly written by Damola Mabogunje. Each edition is written to retell his opinions and experiences for the entertainment of all who stumble upon this site. To learn why Damola chose to start such a serial, check out this post, and to find out the origins of The Red String name check out this one.

A Brief History

I started this as a newsletter on September 15th 2010 in an attempt to establish a method of communication that had long been absent in my life. You see, keeping in touch just doesn't come natural to me. Out of sight is truly out of mind. Talkless of if you're out of state, out of country, or even out of continent: like the majority of my readers are.

On that day, I sent out the very first edition - the Pilot Edition it was called - as a PDF to a select group of people. Most of them were friends, but all of them were like family, and one of them was like the family member that you wronged 😆

During the subsequent week, I received perhaps the most non-work related, non-school related, non-spam, non-junk, emails, that I have ever received in a similar time period - and I have kept writing since then.