I seek to inspire, entertain, educate, and evoke thought in my readers. Brightening their days, sparking their ideas, and motivating them to try new things, are all a part of that. So if you have a feel-good story, art, literature, technological or travel review, short story or interesting life experience. Your article is welcome here. Almost anything goes, but there are things that don't.

What Doesn't Go

Each edition is meant to be a quick break from the harshness of real life for my readers, not an epistle of magnanimous proportions. So any article over 300 words is just too long! You can keep it. Otherwise, as long as your article is on the straight and narrow, i.e you keep in mind that this is a PG serial, I would be happy to publish it.

It doesn't matter if your article has been published elsewhere, as long as I think it will entertain my readers, I will publish it again 🙂

How to submit an article for consideration

E-mail us your submission and we will review it when we review it. A submission submitted today may not show up in the next edition, but unless you get a reply from us stating that we don't want it - it's being saved for a future release.

There are three acceptable formats for the delivery of the final draft of your article:

  • Microsoft Word .doc/.docx or Apple Pages .pages
  • Microsoft Powerpoint .ppt/.pptx or Apple Keynote .key
  • Plain text or RTF

Please do not have any embedded images or videos in your documents. If your article is accepted, I will either request them or source for some myself.

Why write for TRS?

Why Not?