Anime for Beginners

Anime for Beginners

In view of the diversity and diaspora of you readers, I realize I first must explain what exactly anime is. The term anime refers to animations originating in Japan. You can think of them as cartoons if you prefer. A lot of anime are animated versions of a pre-existing manga. Similarly, the term manga refers to a comic originating in Japan. So essentially anime is to manga as cartoon is to comic.

That said, in terms of quality there is no comparison. Anime far outshine their western counterparts and cover a much broader list of genres. They also run in seasons much like TV sitcoms. You can usually get either subtitled or dubbed versions of them in addition to the raw (Japanese original), but I recommend the subtitled version over dubbed if you do not understand Japanese.

I originally intended to make up a list of the top 10 anime I have ever watched to get you started, but after the 5th, it got extremely hard to pick and choose. Therefore, I present you with my top 5 anime of all time!

  1. Great Teacher Onizuka
  2. Yakitate!! Japan
  3. Ruruoni Kenshin
  4. Hunter X Hunter
  5. One Piece

For most of these, it only took the first 5 episodes to get me hooked. So give it a try, watch at least 5 episodes of any one, and do not be discouraged by the inconvenience of reading subtitles.

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