I finally got to meet up with a few of my old classmates this past month. Namely Ishaq Bolarinwa, Ifeanyi Urakpa, and Layide Tikolo (whom I see all the time) and we had a great time!*

I hadn't seen or spoken to the guys in about 8 years and catching up was a world of fun. Ishaq is now a Big Boi doing his youth corps with Chevron, Ifeanyi is soon to graduate from the University of Ghana as a medical doctor, and Layide is about to head off to graduate school after a stint with KPMG.

The real shocker for me though was that I had lost my height companion in Ishaq. The boy literally towers over me now. Damn did I feel short! It's all good. People grow. I don't... 🙁

At least it doesn't look too bad in the pictures. Which were taken at the Silverbird Galleria in Lagos by the way. Where we watched a Nigerian movie called "Tango with me".