You may have noticed that I seem to have only good things to say about the Macbook, and if you were thinking of buying one, this write up might convince you to do so. However, that is not really the aim here. I focused on positive things mainly because coming from Windows, I had a really bad and apparently unwarranted impression of Apple computers. In all honesty, I now believe this stemmed from my inability to adjust to using them the few times I tried. Like any other computer, there are pros and there are cons.

These articles on the Macbook are really intended for Windows users who have a bad impression of the Mac like I did. The aim being to show that in all likely hood that opinion is misplaced. Macs are just as good as Windows computers, and I would advise they be considered on equal terms. Depending on your specific circumstance however, you will want to research them more before making a choice.

All I can say is that so far, both as a programmer and as a user, my Macbook Pro is working out for me.