How I've been since January 2023

A lot of things can happen in a month. Here's a rundown of all you might have missed.

How I've been since January 2023

Hello everyone! It's been about a month since I last posted, and a number of things have happened in my life since then. However, before I get to them I just want to announce that this post is the beginning of what I'm calling the "How I've been since..." column. Whose aim is to give you all a regular snapshot of my life in addition to the books and anime and other stuff I get up to. I believe including something like this is of much more value to the many friends, family, and acquaintances that I have in this community.

Now, starting with the most recent thing that happened:

Now, apart from all the above, I am currently reading, and finally making progress in a book called Data Smart. It's a tough read but I believe I will be able to review it for you folks next month.

At work, I am working on a couple of new projects that I plan to deliver before the end of the quarter. (So I'm in crunch time now). And at home, we just finished some major work on the house:

  • New faucets in the Kitchen
  • New standing showers in the bathrooms
  • A new roof
  • And A new paint job for the rooms and outside

I may have missed some things, but that's basically my life right now. I'll be keeping you posted with theses "How I've been" reports from now on. I hope you enjoy them, and more importantly, find them helpful.