I have seen the future, and it is NeverWet. NeverWet is a super hydrophobic coating that can be sprayed on just about anything to make it water resistant combatant. That is to say this thing doesn't just resist water, it literally kicks water's acqueous ass! Watch the video below to see what I mean.

So basically with couple of cans of NeverWet at your disposal, you might never need to wash again! Okay, so maybe not never, but certainly not as often as you have to now. My jaw literally dropped as I watched the chocolate syrup shoot off the white sneakers. NeverWet is definitely one way of "staying fresh".

The folks at Ross Nanotechnology who made NeverWet have a couple more videos that will amaze and astound you. Like the iPhone that worked underwater for over 30 minutes after a light application of the spray. So stop by their website, and take a peek at the future, today.