There are times when you watch a movie, or a show, and you get a really profound message from it. In my case, this happened while I was watching episode 563 of One Piece. To get the full impact, you would have to have been following the entire arc but for those unfamiliar with the anime, here's the specific quote that got my bells ringing.

It is a hatred without substance!

Whoever wrote those lines must be a genius as I have never heard a description of prejudice as profound! Basically, through the episode and those leading up to it, a simple lesson was taught. Prejudice can be inherited. People don't always hate you for you. Racism isn't always executed by people who have a reason to hate you, neither is any other kind of prejudice always for an understandable reason.

This is why groups like the KKK and Nazi supremacists exist! And the fact that fans of One Piece of all ages, from all over the world, will recieve this message, blows my mind! Now you can see why this anime holds a position in my Top 5