My anime recommendation of the month, this first month of the year is One-Punch Man. This anime is actually one of my favorite action-comedies to date, and it comes in two short seasons of 12 episodes each (so far).

The series follows the exploits of an unknown, jaded, and bald-headed superhero called Saitama who has reached the pinnacle of his strength. Saitama has now gotten so strong that he can defeat any enemy with a single punch. But this accomplishment has left him so bored and  disappointed, that he goes about his days looking rather glum and lacklustre, practicing his heroics as a hobby.

That is, of course, until he is discovered by another superhero called Genos. Genos is so awe-stricken by Saitama that he begs to become his disciple... and the rest of the story tells itself from there.

So if you’re interested in "<abbr title="Overpowered">O.P</abbr>" anime, One Punch Man is a good choice - and it comes packed with action and side-splitting  humour too! 😁