Slim Away

Slim Away

...And here you have it! An exercise-free way to work out your muscles - and proof that not only are people getting fatter, but they must be getting dumber as well. Because if these guys believe that using a stiff material to enforce body shape is a "modern invention", then they must be just that.

Introducing Slim Away, a modern reinvention of the 16th century device known as a corset. I saw the ads for it during the commercials after the House episodes on New Year's day and I was so appalled that I could not but laugh.

Diets Stink, Excercise Takes Forever, Start Looking Great Now!

So I decided to stop by their website and see just how a corset was supposed to make you lose weight. Only to find the picture at the beginning of this article with the tag line:

Wear It While You Excercise To Shed Water-Weight Faster

Now besides the fact that the ad suggested otherwise, don't those two statements mutually contradict each other? Why Excercise if Slim Away's going to lose weight for you? Why? Because it's not. Every so often I make the mistake of watching late-night paid programming on TV, and it never fails to amaze me with these kinds of commercials. So while I believe technology will eventually make us stupid & fat, It may just be, that it has done so already. :S