Spring Break!

Spring Break!

Spring break is finally here! I have a week to write and recuperate. Well almost a week, because I also have plenty of work that needs to get done before school starts back up again. But in the meantime I'm trying to relax and enjoy myself. To stock up on some of that breathing space that is noticably absent when you have assignments due everyday.

By God's grace this will be my last spring break, my last break from studying for assignments, quizzes, and finals. By God's grace next term will be my last, and I will walk proudly with the graduating class of 2012 on June 16th, 2012, and by God's grace a few months from now I will be happily working in a job I like, for a company I want. Can I get an "AMEN!" Yezzir.

The thing about spring break though, is that it is damn too short! I am not the type of person who plans his holidays... or to be more accurate, I am the type who plans his holidays to be devoid of activity. But planning to do nothing, and being unable to do anything are just not the same.

It's already taken me about 5 days to unwind from the stress of school and my break is already halfway gone. In another 5 days, I will be back in school getting wound up again. So for me, spring break is just not all it's cut out to be. Because as we approach this period every year, students all over start to ask the question:

So what are you doing for spring break?

To which I often hear answers like, "Oh, I'm going to Mexico." or Italy, or Paris. I've even heard the answer, "I'm driving cross-country with some friends." I just don't understand it. Where do people find the time to do these things in a week? How do you switch from full-on student to full-on vacationist in so little time? Perhaps it's just me but I need to cool down before I warm up again, even if the warming up will take me to a beach in Florida.

Thus here I am sitting at home writing the 17th knot of The Red String. Probably not the usual answer one would expect to the question most students ask. But it is the one I will give when I am asked again next term:

So what did you do for spring break?

"Oh me? I ate, I slept, and I wrote a few articles for my blog." - and at least so far, I think it's been a holiday well spent. Perhaps I could do with a little more activity, or a little more travel... Nah, we both know I'm too lazy for all that. I will however say this, my spring break is going great, and once I'm done with this article, I'm going to eat, sleep, and then probably write some more 🙂 See you again next time, and I hope your Spring breaks are going well too!