So my Dropbox ploy of last month was quite a failure. I'm glad I didn't hold out much hope in you guys. As it turns out, my space was being taken up by an iPod Photo Cache folder that iTunes automatically creates whenever I sync my iPad. Once I deleted that, there was plenty of space to spare. But moving on to other things, I have some good news - both for me, and for Nigeria.

Remember back in February when I talked about the shoddy Internet in Nigeria and how MTN F@stlink had saved me from a life of dialup misery? Well, my Internet at home has taken another leap forward!

Introducing Swift 4G. Brought to you by Swift Networks Nigeria. The next evolution in Nigeria's modern day Internet. We've only been with Swift for a few weeks now but the difference is clear. I can stream videos, download moderately sized files in a reasonable time frame, and do everything F@stink allows me to do a little better. Now that companies like MainOne have laid fiberoptic cables to Nigeria, I expect more companies like Swift will be popping up with great service and lower prices. Did I mention it's wireless? Wi-fi all over the house now. It's fantastic!

Ooh, More good news! For The Red String this time. We've got a new contributor! Akin Ogunsola, with his short story Andoral - reads like J.R.R Tolkien. It's at the end of this edition if you want to skip right to it.