By the second book, the world is seeing a major turn of events. The religious leader: Maithanet, has decided to make war against the holy city of Shimeh and by no small chance, Kellhus has made his way into the ranks of the "Holy War". He has done so in the company of a man called Cnauir of the Sclyvendi. A man who is not only well acquainted with the ways of the Dunyain, but who also bears a hatred for them like no other. Especially towards Kellhus's father Moenghus who he encountered many years before.

Meanwhile, Achamian is guilt ridden after a tragic event befalls one of his students while carrying out a task on his behalf. So he spends some time with the woman of his heart: Esmenet - a prostitute in the slums of the city. After which he visits his old student Proyas, a devout of the religion and not surprisingly an imminent contingent of the Holy War. Through Proyas and a series of events, Achamian ends up also becoming yet another member of the Holy War. This is how Achamian first comes to meet the Prince of Arrithau, a man with the name "Anasurimbor". A name that to the few is synonymous with the coming of the second apocalypse

This book follows Kellhus's steady rise in status as a member of the Holy War and just how the Prince of Arrithau goes from being a "Prince of Nothing" to becoming "The Warrior Prophet".