Thought Experiment: What Type is God

Thought Experiment: What Type is God

So here's the little thought experiment I'm having this morning:

I wonder what type of personality God has?

This, building on the concept of personality types from Type Talk. The idea came about because in the Bible it says that God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow: meaning that He never changes. Yet, I have always had trouble reconciling the way God behaved in the Old Testament and the way He behaved in the New Testament to a single personality - and I think many people face this problem too.

But having read Type Talk, and due to a few recent experiences, I realised that being the same person (when that person is an omnipotent, omnipresent being) may not necessarily mean behaving the same way (as it would for a mortal).

One big thing that Type Talk always kept repeating, is that everybody has a little bit of each personality type. For example: Feelers think, and Thinkers feel. Thus the fact that you may prefer to make decisions based on your thoughts doesn't mean you felt nothing, or that your feelings did not oppose your thoughts.

This makes me think that God must also have an all-inclusive personality. Except unlike us, he has the power to switch up his preferences according to what he knows is best for us.

I think in the Old Testament, God acted very much like a Feeler. When He got upset it showed, and many of His decisions were based on how humans, and humanity made him feel. This is quite easy to reconcile with the description God provides of Himself:

God is love

And while God's love is far superior to ours, we may be able to better appreciate His love in the Old Testament as shown through His decisions, based on what a Feeler may decide when they love greatly.

On the other hand, in the New Testament, I think God acted like a Thinker: changing His preference but not His person. So His love as shown through His decisions may be best appreciated from the standpoint of what a Thinker might do when they love greatly.

In both cases, God's unconditional love remains the same, His person remains unchanged, and yet his actions are very different. It's an interesting point to consider...

**What do you think God's decision type is? Thinker or Feeler?

Or would you rather not consider this thought experiment, and leave with:

God's ways are beyond man's understanding