Welcome to the club

It's not a club you want to be in ...
It's not a club you would choose to be in ..
It's not a club you can ever leave ...
But it's a club - and you're not the only one in it

The price of admission is too high if you ask me
If you're in the club, it means you've lost a child
'Lost a child' - I don't like that phrase
None of the definitions of 'lost' fit

If you're in this club, you've miscarried a child
... fits a little better
You had to say good bye before you could say hello
Who you carried within you may not have carried without

I'm sorry for the pain you've felt
I'm sorry for the tears you've shed
I'm sorry for the pain you're feeling
I'm sorry for the tears you'll shed

But there are brighter days ahead
I know because they told me so
... the veteran club members
I know because I'm writing this & you're reading this

Give your body time to heal
It needs to come down from the hormone high
It needs to accept what once was
It needs to adjust to what now is

Give your mind time to heal
Go down the 'what if' lane as little as you can
Find a distraction or two or three
It's not a forgetting but an accepting

Give your heart time to heal
Phone a friend; other club members
Let someone else help
Someone who loved your little one almost as much as you

It may take a while
Days, months, years
Eventually a new normal comes
Not what it was but what it is

And we'll be here
In the club
To help, to heal, to hope
We've got you

Welcome to the club