January! A fresh start to a new year. Like a new day, it's a new beginning. Another chance to do all those thing you didn't do yesterday... All those things you didn't do last year. You could make new resolutions or devise new plans but if you're anything like me, then chances are your old plans are yet to come to fruition.

I'm excited to say that in the first hour of the first day of the first month, I took my first steps towards realising an age old plan of mine: To write a fiction story and get it published. Remember the full cup of inspiration I mentioned last month? Well that's what I woke up with on the eve of Jan 1st and subsequently spent the rest of new year's day writing a story inspired by a girl I know (but hers is a story for another day).

The story is called The Cat & The Rainbow and just the other day I took another step forward by submitting it for the Glimmer Train Very Short Fiction Award. Depending on how that goes, I may be well on my way to achieving my goal. So wish me luck, and I hope this motivates you to complete something you meant to do last year as well.