A Yard of Insight

A Yard of Insight
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15 Naivety Despite Reality
16 The Nice Guy in the Middle
17 Yes vs. No
19 Enabling the Disabled
19 Break-Up Policies

In 2012, It seems I got more comfortable sharing my life with you. In addition to my usual insights on relationships, I began to talk about my sickle-cell, and even share some of my religious views! So here are some of those insights from the year.

  1. I started 2012 off with Naivety despite Reality: A little pep talk & prayer encouraging my fellow Christians to keep the faith as we toil through the rest of the year.
  2. With The Nice Guy in the Middle, I responded to an article about "nice guys" becoming boyfriends, and explained why all too often, this is not the case.
  3. Yes vs No took us back into my childhood, where I examined why (contrary to popular opinion) I believe saying "No" to any request is a lot better than blindly saying "Yes".
  4. If you find that trying to help the disabled is often an awkward and trying endeavour, then Enabling the Disabled is just for you. In it, I address how best to offer your help, and why before your help may not have been appreciated.
  5. Finally, Break-Up Policies examines the post-relationship drama that many of us have experienced. I take a look at what we can do after a failed relationship, what we usually do, and what ultimately I think we should do.