This year I've done less of talking about technology, and more of talking about the impact of technology on our lives: in good, bad, and even ugly ways.

So although you won't find much in the way of new and interesting technological developments above, your eyes will certainly be opened to the uses and abuses of technology... and perhaps... you might be persuaded to a specific use at the end of it all.

  1. In 21 gun salute for Steve, I mourn the passing of a pioneer of our times: Steve Jobs. But I don't bore you with a list of all his achievements or contributions to technology, no. Instead, I stick to the most recent ones, and give you a glimpse of a future that he would be partly responsible for (should it come to pass).
  2. Coming from Nigeria where we still hand wash most of our clothes, the invention called NeverWet may have impressed me more than it should. But even if you come from a more developed country, I doubt the sheer brilliance of this product will be lost on you.
  3. Have you ever wondered why we have technology? Why we keep improving on it? and how come it's never good enough? Well, the self-explanatory piece Technology Makes Us Stupid and Fat will answer all your questions.
  4. Kony 2012 forms my response to the online video of the same name. Created by the organization Invisible Children in a movement to force the government to capture war criminal Joseph Kony, this evocative video became the most viral video in history!
  5. In Expanding My Dropbox, I revisit my Dropbox article of last year. Having shamelessly begged you to help me get more space (though not for nothing), I give you an update on my results. Did I get more space? If so, how much? and can you all still get your own slice of extra space? The answer to that and more will be found as you read.