Now I've talked a whole lot about technology this year. It is indeed one of my many passions. So to pick which ones should feature here has been very difficult. But in the end I have decided on the five you see above - and I'll tell you why in a moment.

  1. The iPad is important for many reasons. Not the least of which is that every single edition of The Red String is first drafted on it using Keynote for iPad. As technology progresses more towards touch screen interfaces and more portable devices, it is likely that tablets will become a mainstay. Some even say it will replace the laptop. But if you're still trying to decide whether or not to get one, then my iPad review in the first knot is definitely for you.
  2. Ever since I found out that it would cost me $150 to repair my 6 year old PS 3, I have been slowly weaning myself off video games. Not on purpose mind you, but because I literally had nothing to play. But Infinity Blade for the iPad changed that in an instant. I was addicted to it, I was in love with it, and thanks to a short break from school I had time to indulge in it. If you're looking for a game for you spanking new iPad, Infinity Blade is definitely a must have. Read more about it in my review.
  3. Now Dropbox has saved my life many a time. With a whole 2GB of storage space for anything I want, on the cloud, for free, I have used it to store those things that are most dear to me. So that if my laptop crashes today I won't be the worse for wear. That is why I decided to share this resource with you, in the hopes that it might save your life too! The extra 250MB we both get if you sign up using my referral link is just an added bonus for doing a good deed. So Do Me a Favour, Get Dropbox!
  4. The Red String on Flipboard was more an announcement than it was an article, to let you know of one more way you can read and enjoy The Red String. Flipboard is an amazing app on the iPad that allows you to flip through content from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and elsewhere. So if you've given us a like on Facebook, and you own an iPad, then don't hesitate to download Flipboard and read it like Matilda.
  5. Windows is probably the most backward compatible OS I have ever known. But my article called Backwards Compatibility is not at all about Windows, and it is debatable whether it is even about backwards compatibility! What it is about, you must find out by reading the article.