You can tell from the timeline that I didn't get to see many friends in 2012. I was too wrapped up in myself and my issues to do much visiting. But for the few that I did see, the occasions that I saw them on were quite memorable.

So here's a shout out to my buddies from 2012.

  1. We begin with Soji Ojugbele, one of my oldest friends. When I say we go way back, I mean we go waaaay back. My one day with him was filling, entertaining, and satisfying, all at once. God willing, I shall spend another Thanksgiving with Soji this year.
  2. Next, I spent a dinner with my friend Kunle. Not an old friend like Soji, but definitely a good one while he was around. So hopefully he will forgive the fact that my whole article was about the lovely Japanese restaurant we had dinner at, and not at all about him, as I wished him all the best, in my article Farewell Kunle.
  3. Then came Christmas. Technically the Christmas of 2011, but included here because our birthday falls in September. Anyway, Christmas came with a Christmas party! Hosted by my wonderful aunty Sade. I got to see her and her family, and we had a rollicking good time.