Over the last few months, I've had the pleasure of stumbling across a couple of blogs by African authors that truly resonate with me. The first was Romance Meets Life: a blog by Myne Whitman, that's primarily about love and relationships. The second was African Youth Journals: a blog by a growing collection of African youth, about things happening on the continent.

Now Myne is already a well-known author, and her blog is likewise popular. So it needs no promotion from me. But AYJ I had never heard about, and I really think they deserve more press.

AYJ is a testament to the recognition of a need for change and development in all our African countries. It shows that our youth not only recognise this need, but also have the will and desire to satisfy it. But just as importantly, it shows that like me, youth all over Africa are hopeful for the future.

So if you're a fan of my articles on Nigeria for their optimism and criticism, here's a place where you can find more of the same.