Alice in Parenthood (The Mad Tea Party)

Alice in Parenthood (The Mad Tea Party)

Now the real party begins once you are back home with your baby or babies. From here on out, you are now a parent and the lives of one or more children rest in your hands. Quite frankly, that will be the scariest part. Knowing that every decision you make for them could drastically impact their lives will cause you to constantly second-guess yourself and you will make mistakes, but take each day one at a time and figure out what works best for you.

It took Alice some time to figure out that she is best with the babies when she is alone. She did get help, but having help around her when she is nursing made her nervous and led to mistakes. So instead, her spouses mother helps with taking care of the household while she takes care of the children. That's what works for her, it may be otherwise for you.

You will be given advice by everyone, sometimes unasked for. You are the parent, whatever happens is your responsibility, so before you take any advise make sure you know as much as you need to. Once in a while, you might need to remind others of this fact.

Your children will challenge you, they will inspire you, they will make you laugh, they will beat you, and make no mistake... they will drive you mad. They bring the fun and the insanity to this party. The former will keep you motivated, and the latter will put a strain on your relationship with your spouse.

When both of you have had no sleep for days, irritability becomes second nature. So make sure you make time for yourself, and time for each other. Another reason to make sure you have help in the house. Communicate, communicate, communicate... A perfect time for this is while you are enjoy each others company in your time away from the stress the children bring. It makes things a whole lot easier when you clear the air.

Look, every parent has different strategies for parenting, and you will develop your own over time. In the meantime however, it will be a "happy torment" as you throw your own mad little tea party.