In March of 2009, an anthology of poems entitled the Duet was published by AMV Publishing Services. It was then distributed by Bookcraft Africa as well as via the Barnes & Noble and Amazon online book stores. Today, the book can be found in stores all over Lagos, Nigeria going for a price of N1,000 and in the web stores of Amazon and B&N going for an average price of $13.00 or £9.00 in the U.S and U.K respectively.

Now the foreword for this book was written by the renowned poet, playwright, and theatre director Prof. Femi Osofisan and the blurb on the back by the similarly renowned poet and scholar, Mr. Remi Raji - both of whom give no small modicum of praise to the pages contained within. But what is most amazing is that this book, this small book of 72 pages; this book acclaimed by such renowned poets; and this book that is available worldwide; was co-authored by none other than myself and my mother.

It is amazing to me that I became an author roughly two years ago (at the age of 21) with about a decade's worth of poetry which I had written mostly for my amusement and pleasure. It is more amazing to me that my poems have been recognised by such accomplished people. But what is even more amazing than all that (as you will see in this edition) is that this book - our book - has now been dramatised and performed on stage much to the pleasure and satisfaction of all who were able to attend. The anthology is no longer just a collection to be read, it is now also a production to be watched

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