Hello folks. This month's anime recommendation is called Baki. Based on the original manga/anime called Baki the Grappler or Grappler Baki, this series provides a wealth of martial arts action. The original anime adaptation released back in 2001,  was 24 episodes and spent some time building up the story of Baki Hanma, son of Yujiro Hanma - the strongest creature in the world.

It told the story of an insanely strong teenager, who had been trained from a very young age, to be a fighter. It followed Baki on his very tough journey to become a renowned fighter - acknowledged and respected by fellow fighters the world over. We watch him train himself, just like his father did by fighting wild beasts; We watch him participate in a deadly underground fighting tournament, and we watch him develop into an amazing fighter!

However, the Baki series that I am recommending to you today is not that one. It is the new series airing on Netflix that jumps straight into the action. Picking up from after Baki has become the champion of the underground arena, this series immediately introduces you to Baki's new opponents - 5 powerful escaped deathrow prisoners looking for a challenge.

What I liked about this series (besides the gratuitous martial arts), was that it wasted no time getting to the action. Once you pick up this series, you will be treated to a succession of action-packed battles between the various characters on the show. So if this sounds right up your alley, the second season of Baki just ended, leaving 26 episodes (13 per season) for your enjoyment.

P.S. And if you want the backstory of Baki Hanma, you could go back and watch the 2001 anime elsewhere