Computer Science

Computer Science

Fundamental truth #2: Computer Scientists create the software that computer systems run.
Just like computer engineering, computer science has two major divisions: Those who develop, research, and study algorithms - he actual computer scientists - and those who apply that knowledge to create software - The software engineers.

However, unlike computer engineering, software engineering does not result in a material product like a computer, but rather an instruction set or program for a computer much like the making of batteries for a remote or better yet, programs for a TV. Still it is important to understand that although they are not physical, programs have components, and it is the construction and integration of those components to build software (through the use of programming languages), that is the job of software engineers.

Again, it might strike you for obvious reasons why you would not be likely to ever professionally interact with a computer scientist, although under certain circumstances (like needing a customized software application for your business) you might interact with a software engineer.

More often than not though, a software application that perfectly fits your needs exists, and you are going to buy it. Then as soon as you have problems using it, you'll call the number provided on the software package, or on the developer's website. The person who picks up the phone will most likely be a technical support person... and that, is an I.T. profession.

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