Consider Yourself Informed!

Consider Yourself Informed!

So now that you've been given a brief introduction into the fields of I.T., C.S., and C.E., it should be apparent to you why it is, that not every "computer person" you know is interested in or even capable of fixing your computer or solving your day to day computer needs.

For that, you need an I.T. professional or at a higher level an I.T. consultant who can advise you on things like the best software/hardware combinations for setting up an in-house time-management system that can be updated remotely by employees. If that was Greek to you, all you need to remember is that there are people called I.T. consultants whose work significantly differs from that of support and maintenance.

With that, I conclude my little introduction to the areas of computer studies. Note that, there is a lot more to each of the individual fields covered than is written here, but I believe this is sufficient to allow you to distinguish, understand, and appreciate the differences that characterise each concentration.

So now that you know, please stop asking us computer scientists, engineers, and software developers, to help you fix your computer. That is not our job. Call an I.T. professional.

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