Dami Again

Dami Again

So my friend Damilola Jagun who I managed to catch up with in August (See Pilot Edition) is back in the US again. This time she's working with Temple Hospital. (She was with Penn before) and it seems that quite a few interesting things are happening in her life 😉

Unfortunately, I am not at liberty to disclose what those things are. but if you know her, you might want to find out. Yes Dami, I am finding your trouble.  That aside, it was great to catch up with her once again. Still need to convince her to let me post one of her poems to TRS one of these days. I am sure you all will love them.

Most memorable event this time around? The freezing cold walk to the UPenn Bookstore at 9pm just to find out it was closed. Remind me to check these before making suggestions and embarking on journeys.

Nevertheless, we had some interesting conversations over the phone and over coffee. Too bad I couldn't host her for her entire stay (more on that later), but it was good times! Have fun for the rest of your time in Philly, and I wish you a safe flight back to Ireland.

Take care~