Last month, I introduced you all to DeviantArt, and I briefly talked about how much I like it, and how addicted I have become to it. I mentioned how beneficial I feel it is to me as a writer, and how much my writing has increased due to the feedback I've been getting. But dA is not just for artists, it's also for art enthusiasts. So now I'm going to talk a little bit about what I've discovered as an art enthusiast, and going forward I may be introducing you to the work of other artists I discover as I continue to explore.

Now as a Nigerian artist and art enthusiast, one of the first things I looked for on dA was Nigerian groups; of which sadly, there were only two. But in those two I found artists that deviated (excuse the pun) from what I would call traditional Nigerian art. These artists weren't sculpters of wood, or workers of iron. They were not traditional painters, or crafters, or jewellery-makers... No! These were digital artists.

Among them were amazing cartoonists, drawing in manga-style. Some of them depicting characters from video-games and anime. Others doing more traditional rustic scenes. There were those who were still students, and others who practiced their art professionally... and a few of this number were involved in projects beyond dA that I think you will all find interesting. | Jigida Comics