Those of you who pay attention not just to what I say in my writing, but also to how I write, may have noticed an increase in my use of certain punctuation marks: like the colon, and semi-colon. This is mainly a side-effect of my having read this book Eats, shoots and leaves.

"Eats, shoots and leaves", is a book about punctuation, and the comedic and sometimes annoying consequences of incorrect punctuation. Written by Lynne Truss, it teaches the proper use of punctuation marks: Wittily interspersing the lessons with stories of what happens when punctuation goes awry.

Now you may think to yourself that as an educated adult you already know all there is to know about punctuation. You may also think "What a boring topic to read about!" But you'd be wrong. Because Lynne brings the subject to life like a novel: full of humour, and stories, and advice to boot. So even if you do know all there is to know, you will still be entertained.