Editor's Choice

Editor's Choice

Wow, a whole year of TRS has gone by. Where does the time go? At least we have a record of what we've left behind. Nothing should ever be forgotten so let’s remind you of some of our favorite TRS articles.

Every so often Damola holds a magnifying glass to one aspect of life that we have over looked, or taken for granted. And of course we have our lovely guest contributors who add that twist in style and content which keeps TRS so entertaining. After a year, it gets difficult to say what our best articles were. Also, maybe you missed a few (don’t worry I won’t tell), so here are some that deserve a little extra attention.

Damola’s theatre going experience is heavily influenced by his mother. If you’ve met her, you know why, it's just because she’s amazing. But I think that instead of talking about something he saw, we should look at something that they created together. The Duet a Dramatization has beautiful photos of the creative process and he goes into explaining each poem. You can not get a more in depth and up close analyses of an authors work unless you cut him/her open.

Damola is also not afraid of presenting a different view of Nigeria, something besides corruption and overpopulation, the world already knows about those things. In The Benefits of Being Backward he explains the advantages to life in a “developing country”, and in The Meaning of Humblerra, he teases the first lady while still touching on a very serious problem that sometimes people tend to look past. Read it to find out.

R.I.P Jerry LaVigne Jr. seems to have a morbid title, but Damola links us to an internet celebrity who is sure to leave you in stitches. And of course there is an absolutely priceless poem in the Valentine edition.

We can’t talk about TheRedStringBlog without reminding you that every once in a while Damola Breaks it Down. There were quite a number to choose from, so my personal favorites were Counseling Since 1987, An Educated Guess, The Safe Height, and Becoming Jaded.

And finally so that I can give you time to reread the many favorites above, we have had quite a few contributors to The Red String and we need to thank them all for taking the time to write down their thoughts, feelings and short stories. Some of our favorites were Akin’s Andoral and Christine’s #1: Let it Snow.

Enjoy the articles and may there be many more years of The Red String to come. As a final reminder, please don’t forget to take full advantage of Ask Prof. Your questions can all contribute to a great TRS.