Getting Back on Track

It's been a few months since I fell behind. Since then, a lot has happened. And It is only now, that I am starting to feel back on track.

Getting Back on Track
Photo by Mor Shani / Unsplash

Hello everybody,

It's been a few months since I told you in no uncertain terms that I had fallen behind. Since then, my grandfather passed, I went on holiday, and I turned 35! Through all that though, I never really settled down. It's only now, after my birthday and another strategy session with my mum, that I am starting to feel re-aligned and back on track.

I've resumed my reading (for both study and pleasure), and I've started to think about next year - which is an excellent place to be as this year comes to an end. The year 2022 has been a good year. Along with reading about 8 books, I added to my Data Analysis chops by taking a few courses, got recertified in Google Analytics, and got trained by the ITC in E-commerce for Business Support Organizations.

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I expect that all these steps are setting me up to be a well-rounded C.T.O. as I work to achieve the goals of my organisation. It’s interesting to see me develop this way as I gradually discover my path. Sometimes I wonder if I am moving in the right direction, but then I remind myself that even if I am not, I can always course correct.

The recent strategy session with my mum is an example of this. We took a weekend to think about and re-assess my vision, mission, and purpose... and all three have changed since the last assessment. My purpose is now broader, my vision now clearer, and my mission, different. I guess it is because this is only the second time I am doing this that it still feels noteworthy. But for what it is worth, I am glad I did it.

So as we head into 2023, I have new goals to accomplish. And now that I'm back on track, I look forward to achieving them.