Last week, I wrote about fear. The idea behind the article, was to challenge us to face those fears we want to overcome. I even came up with an acronym - Feeling Extremely Anxious over Rubbish.

But feeling anxiety itself, usually has good reason; wanting to be cautious about your next step is generally a good idea; so why did I say "over rubbish?" I did so, because once anxiety becomes fear, we have already made a mistake. We have predicted an outcome, that is rubbish.

It is rubbish, because it is extreme, and it's definite. Your worry has likely made a mountain of a mole-hill, and your original concern which was but a possibility, has become a fearsome certainty. Be it slight or significant, a worry is never "for sure", and the best we can make is a prediction.

So whatever you decide to do, reflects a leaning towards one outcome or another - and if things are 50-50, why act to prevent the worst case, when you can act to enable the best case? Why should your action be based on a "fear of", when it can equally be based on a "hope for?"

It is not until you act, that things will begin to move in one direction or the other - and if your action is preventive, all you're really doing, is keeping the status quo. This key difference, is what separates acting on fear, from acting on hope.

But knowing this, and even knowing what I said last week (that we need to learn and/or train more, to overcome our fears), is usually not enough to face the challenge. It is after all, still a scary gamble. So what can we do? How can we go about facing our fears?

The simple answer is, "seek love and encouragement" - because courage is what you need. That next big step you want to take, the one that your foot has hovered over forever, needs a little push - and you need to admit that to yourself first, so that when you're seeking help, you know what to look for.

Now I am a Christian, so I want to tell you point-blank, that this love and encouragement can be found in God the father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, and if you believe in Jesus Christ, you already have nothing to fear. Because that next step you've always wanted to take, is already waiting...

But what if you don't believe this? What if you can't? What if you feel far away from God? What do you do then? I'd say start small. Look where you know you will find love - In your family, amongst your friends, in those people who believe in you. For love builds us up, and gives us strength, and helps us to be who we want to be.

Let us not be afraid to hope...
Let us not be afraid to try...
Let us not be afraid of help...

To be bold in our weakness, let us not be afraid of Love.

You never know