High-tech, Shmy-tech

High-tech, Shmy-tech

Are you tired of the OS X vs. Windows argument? Or the iPhone vs. Droid? How about the iPad vs. Laptop one? Well, I am. It seems that everywhere on the Internet nowadays if one makes the mistake of comparing two competing technologies it turns into an argument - and the more knowledgeable the participants, the more likely it is to degrade into a flame war.

I have come to like Apple products after many years spent happily dedicated to Microsoft. As I have come to like Google services after many years spent again happily dedicated to Microsoft. The point here is that I was happy. Not dissatisfied, not grumbling (too much), not looking for the next best thing... Microsoft was fine.

And when indeed the grumbling became too much and I was ready to look for the next best thing, I found it - and it's working for me. But when I went looking, none of those heated discussions did a damn thing for me. It all came down to online reviews and the recommendations of my friends.

Because they only told me what the devices could do and let me decide for myself. The fact that the iPhone does X, Y, and Z things that a Nokia 3310 can't do doesn't tell me as much as you think. Because the Nokia 3310 might do A, B, and C things that are more important to me than anything on your list of must-have's.

So really, I'm tired. I don't want to discuss why Apple is better than Microsoft, or iOS better than Android, or Google better than Bing because really... Who cares what you think? Lol.

Feel free to tell me why you like Android, or why you like your iPhone, or whatever it is. But don't assume that our preferences are the same because you can do all of that high-tech shmy-tech with your thingamajig. I can also do some fancy things with mine... But do you really care? Didn't think so.