How I've been since July 2023

So my systems have been rebooting. Over the course of August, I've been picking up my old habits. It's not much so far, but it's a start.

How I've been since July 2023
Photo by Allec Gomes / Unsplash

Hello everyone,

So like I said in July, my systems have been rebooting. Over the course of August, I picked up reading again, made my first journal entry in a long time, watched a few anime episodes, and started studying for another Google Professional Certificate. It's not much, but it's a start.

A start that may or may not breathe new life into my habits since I'm starting another Entrepreneurship program come September 5th. Which program is it? It's the FATE Foundation Aspiring Entrepreneurs Program or AEP for short. I'm looking forward to it, and trying to finish applying all my outstanding tasks gotten from taking the Founder Institute Core Program as far as I did.

Thus, I'll be pretty busy once again from next month up until November, and I don't yet know how well I will cope with balancing schooling with working, and hobbies. As we have already seen, if something has to give, it'll be the hobbies that go first. But let's aim for the best instead and see if I can manage them all.

I hope you will all wish me luck, as becoming an entrepreneur / birthing an enterprise is no easy task. Neither is learning all the things you need to know to do it. I am taking small but steady steps to accomplish this life goal and I know that when I come out of the other end, I'll be much better for it. So I appeal once more:

Wish Me Luck!