I am on the Seychelles Islands...

...peeing through my butthole and wishing I had better internet, whilst enjoying the serene tranquillity of a mountaintop abode.

I am on the Seychelles Islands...

The first week of my holiday in Seychelles was spent indoors. I am not sure whether it was what I ate in the business class lounge, or what I ate on the plane, but whichever it was, it gave me a wicked case of food poisoning that had me shitting recklessly at all hours of the day and night. To top it off, the poo was always liquid so I was losing fluids and at risk of dehydration.

That said, Beau Seyjours, our mountain top hotel, was the picture of tranquillity in a county that is already beautiful, peaceful, and serene. So I spent a lot of my time sleeping and resting.

And when I wasn’t resting, I was either eating or struggling to watch anime on the hotel wifi. Clearly, the local internet wasn’t set up to handle video streaming… but… for regular tasks, email and whatnot, I know that the wifi was serving its purpose.

I know this because even though we were on holiday, both my parents were hard at work virtually: my mom working on the materials needed for a job we had back in Nigeria, and my dad working on all the preparations for my grandfather’s funeral.

Yes. You heard me right. My Grandfather has passed on. And it happened nought but two days before we travelled. But that’s a story for a different post. For now, you can just take note that my Grandfather, Professor Akinlawon Ladipo Mabogunje has passed away.

Now back to my first week on the Seychelles islands. The long and short of my story is that I spent my first week sick and asleep. All the sightseeing that the group we travelled with did, I missed out on. But don’t worry, there is a second week to my holiday, and that week, I will cover in my next post. So look forward to it.

That’s it for my first week on the Seychelles islands. Here are the few pictures I took. Enjoy.

Week 2 on the Seychelles Islands
Despite all the troubles (sickness and all) that I experienced during my first week in Seychelles, my second week was all smooth sailing.