I Got Certified on Valentines Day!

I Got Certified on Valentines Day!

Yay! So Valentines Day this year, was a big day for me. One, because for the first time in several years, I actually decided to get myself a Valentine - and, as God would have it, she agreed to be my Valentine.

And two... three... and four, because I got certified. I got re-certified in Google Analytics, and I got a brand spanking new certification in Mailchimp! (An All-in-One Integrated Digital Marketing Platform). I've had my eye on this particular certification since early last year, and it’s a big deal for me because it means that I can start offering my services to Businesses who already use or could benefit from using the platform.

Anybody who has dabbled in email marketing should know the name Mailchimp. They're one of the biggest players in the industry. And with their recent expansion into other marketing channels including Social Posts & Digital Ads, they're even more of a force to be reckoned with.

I run all my Newsletters with Mailchimp. Both my personal Newsletter (containing this blog's posts), and my company Newsletter. So while getting certified was a great business move in terms of what I have to offer, it was also a great move for my own private use. So... if you’re looking for some help with your Mailchimp account, don't hesitate to shoot a brother an email. I'm willing and able to help (for a fee, of course)

Now, back to my Valentine's (since I know that's the gist you all came here to hear). It was a Vals at a distance. Totally remote, if you know what I mean. I ordered a Valentine Box from my good friend Memkoh (who is all the way in San Francisco but still has operations running smoothly here in Lagos), and had it delivered to my dear Val's house. She received it with excitement (or so I hear), and we had a little chat afterwards - where I officially asked her to be my Val - and That was it.

Thanks to Corona, I have nothing more significant to report. We each went about our days as usual, albeit punctuated with the sending and receiving of a gift, followed by a little conversation.