I have an idea...

Just hear me out and decide for yourselves.

I have an idea...
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Dear readers,

For the past month or so, I have been debating in my head how and whether or not I can deliver more value to this community. In my many years of writing this blog/newsletter, I have noted that one of its weaknesses is that it is not focused on any one topic or niche. Therefore each edition is a mixed bag of goodies which may hit or miss any given reader. I don't intend t0 change that because like it or not, that is the nature of life and my inspiration - a mixed bag of goodies. But I would like to be able to deliver more focused and valuable content for those who have a specific interest in my blog... and thus, my idea.

Thinking about the content I have delivered over the past year, I have identified 2 topics that I feel deliver tangible value:

  1. My Book Reviews
  2. My Bible Studies

If there are other areas from which you have derived value, please mention them in the comments. Remember, you can still comment even without a Disqus account.

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Anyway, for these 2 areas I have identified, I would like to start 2 subscription-based newsletters that focus strictly on those topics. One for books, and one for bible study. Around these, we can build a Bible Study community and a Book club.

That's my idea, and I really would like your feedback on it. So please comment below with your thoughts. For an idea of the topics I generally write about, please visit: https://theredstringblog.com/topics/

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Thank you. I look forward to your feedback.