"'Tis the season to be jolly", and what's more joyous than spending money on things you want but don't need? Plenty, but that's besides the point. You and I both know that this month - as you've done every Christmas - you're going to make a few unjustifiable purchases. Some you will come to later regret, and other's, may keep you jolly into the new year.

So far, I have already made 2 such purchases amounting to a total of about $22. This may not seem that ridiculous at first, until I tell you that all $22 were spent between 2 iPad games. Yes, the very same games which often cost 99€ on your other iDevices, and of which there are many amazing and totally free ones available. Yes, I'm talking about those ones which if you wait long enough there will often be a price drop or apple special that will slash their prices in half or in totality. And again yes, I'm talking about those games that you only play in transit, between classes, and during boring activities. However, I am proud to say that I do not regret either purchase one bit.

So I'll tell you about them in reverse order of purchase.

[Edit Dec 21 2010] A few days after writing up these posts, World of Goo came out for the iPad. Another awesome game that deserves to be talked about. Whether or not you have played it before, you should get it on the iPad. Unfortunately, you'll have to wait till next month for my review of it 🙁