A new season of anime calls for a new list, and this month's pick of the lot is called Kingdom.

It's one of a few action-packed anime on my list this month, and it's just beginning its 2nd season on air. So if you enjoyed the action packed series I featured last season, chances are you will like this one too.

We follow the young protagonist Shin, a war-orphan during the Warring States Era of ancient China (475-221 BC). Though he dreams of proving himself on the battlefield, his status as a Househelp to the family he's dependent on, keep this dream a fantasy. Until one day, by way of a fortuitous but tragic incident, the path to his life-long dream is opened...

Kingdom tells a compelling story of cunning, courage, and conspiracy. Through the plot and narrative, we are not only exposed to a seemingly historically accurate depiction of the age and times, but are also immersed in various levels of warfare...

From the bloody battles that take place on the battlefield, to the mind games of strategists and diplomatic negotiations of politicians, Kingdom gives a perspective of war like never before.

So whether you're interested in watching people duke it out, connive and scheme, or drive hard bargains, there's a little something here for any action fan.

Unfortunately though, Kingdom isn't available on Crunchyroll, so this month's pass must be used for something else from our list. You can still watch it elsewhere though.

Anime of the Month
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