Mac’d Out!

Mac’d Out!

With the arrival of my 13.3 inch Macbook Pro this morning, I think I can officially declare Mac-ruptsy. I mean I am Mac-zimum Mac-ing, Big Mac stacking, the Mac-Donald of Mac-city... Ok, enough of that.

I've always been a Windows guy, in fact I still am since I am yet to use my Macbook at the time of this writing. So I am not a convert yet. I do believe I have however become an Apple convert. Ever since I bought my iPad a few months ago, I have been slowly but surely descending into the world of Apple mobile devices. I will talk about the iPad a bit more later but for now just know that i think it is amazing!

After the iPad, I came into possession of my brother's old iPhone 3G, thanks to my phone breaking down and his purchase of the 4G model. After a few weeks of using it, I more than understood what all the hype was about, yet I did not really want to be an iPhone user so I got myself an Android.

Now, thanks to an Apple promo, I also got myself a free iPod Touch. So you see, with an iPod, an iPad, and a Macbook Pro, I now have one model each of the complete set of Apple mobile devices... and that is just Mac-tastic (ok... I'll stop).

So I thought I'd do a little review for all of you who may be or should be considering getting any one of these. Ain't I just Mac-ellous? (Yeah, I lied)