O Gbono Feli Feli

O Gbono Feli Feli

If you know the song I am quoting above then you also know that D'banj actually says "Mo gbono feli feli" - meaning "I'm so hot" and that it has nothing whatsoever to do with Ogbono soup.

But mehn, if you ate the Ogbono we made this particular day, you would be singing as I am singing:

O gbono feli feli bi amala to jina gangan, don't hate it 'cause it's hotter than stew... It's hotter than stew..." - Don Damzy again!

Okay, so maybe not the last three words, but that Ogbono was too hot - and it wasn't just Ogbono we made. We also made Stew, Egusi soup, and Okra soup, and they were just as delectable, delightful, and delicious! In fact 90% of our class had devoured their "take away" servings before I had even had a chance to sit down.

Needless to say, few parents got a taste of what was made that day. As for the former complaints of catching diseases, stinky meat, and Lord knows what else was said at the market, they were nowhere to be heard. The only sounds out of the harem's mouths were those of the chomping of meat.

There was however one other sound that was heard soon after we were done eating... and that was the singular spoken sentence:

May we have more?