After what must be the most devastating earthquake in modern times and the cataclysmic tsunami that it caused - doing significant damage to northern Japan and leaving it in a state of impending nuclear disaster, everybody is trying to do their bit to help out.

I am a big fan of Japan and the Japanese and so I also am joining this movement. My heart goes out to all those who are affected and while money is indeed what they need and there are many sites out there that are providing ways to make donations, I just want to point out that for those who cannot show support monetarily, there are other ways to do so.

DeviantArt for example has multiple ongoing "Pray for Japan" movements where members of the community are submitting art that incorporates the "Pray for Japan" theme. People like me are writing blogposts in an outpouring of moral support, and I'm sure there is something to be found on Facebook if one looks. Obviously I myself haven't gone the Facebook route but I have donated $5 through LivingSocial and contributed my own artwork to one Deviant's movement.

The point here is that the Japanese need our support. No amount is too small and no support too meagre. If you can't spare even a dollar then do something else to help. Disseminate information, start a collection, do things that won't cost you a dime - and of these, the least you can do is to - Pray for Japan.

Pray for Japan