So Much to Talk About

So Much to Talk About

Hello good people!

As you can imagine, the collector's edition of last month means that I have 2 full months worth of happenings to talk about. Add to that the recent events in the world, my renewed desire to talk about anime, and the articles by our contributing authors, and you have way too much to talk about without some summarisation.

So there will be some things that I can only briefly mention now, others that I'll expand upon, and yet others that will have to wait until next month. But for now, let me give you a snapshot of what's new in my life.

I'm back in school and at work, and it's all going great. I finally visited the Philadelphia Zoo, made my first trip to Washington DC, and even got to see Simi our editor in New York! My grandfather just turned 80, his son (my father) came to see me, and with all this going on I've been really busy...

Because of this, you may experience later publishing times than usual, and so I recommend that those who check regularly, start looking towards the end of the month rather than on the 15th as stipulated on the about page.

In time I'll get used to my workload and catch up with my writing, and then things will return to normal. But until then, you can expect fascinating reads, at later times. So in the interest of your entertainment, please be patient with me. I will do my best not to disappoint. 😉

Yours truly,
Damola M..