Thanks to You

Thanks to You

I usually never plan to do anything on my Birthday, at most I buy something for myself or go hang out with some friends. This birthday was no different, but thanks to you all, it was eventful.

I got to hear a full choir sing the "Happy Birthday" song all the way from Nigeria. They were the cast and crew of "The Duet" - dramatised, and along with my Mother they all sang for me. It was very nice. So I'm going to make an early plug for our play here. Mark your calendars; February 2011 - The Duet is coming to you live and direct More details will be made available as we approach the date.

Got a wonderful call from my Uncle Yinka and his family in Canada. That was awesome. Emails from Uncle Segun and Aunty Bimpe, Both of whom have never sent me an email before - Historic event! A couple of E-cards, a stylish bag from my dear brother, and enuffffffffffff Facebook messages. Kai! Took me all day to drop individual replies, but I loved it all.

Many people contributed to making my birthday special, sadly I can't mention everyone but it was indeed thanks to you all, that I had a special November 12th. Thank you for that.

Stylish bag
Uncle Yinka & Family