The Duet Dramatization

The Duet Dramatization

Back in the Pilot edition, I made mention of our book The Duet: An anthology of poems, which my mother and I co-authored.

Well, our book is getting dramatised next month (February). If you never got a chance to read it or even if you did, this is your chance to watch it live.

Experience a carefully chosen selection of poems from the book performed by a talented cast & crew. Proceeds from ticket sales shall be donated to the Sickle Cell Foundation to help sickle cell sufferers like myself, so if nothing else, buy your ticket to support a worthy cause.

Tickets are N1000 for students and N4000 for adults, and are available at multiple locations. For more details, see the flier below.

[Edit Jan 20 2011] The event is now represented on Facebook. RSVP to the Dramatisation of the Duet now!