My latest conquest in the world of Fantasy-Fiction novels is the prelude to the well known Lord of The Rings series by J.R.R Tolkien entitled, The Hobbit.

I gained a whole new respect for J.R.R while reading this book. In it we find an adventure, one might even say an adventure of epic proportions. But it is told in a way that starkly differs from The Lord of The Rings. It is full of song and poetry and mirth - and the contrast despite the similarity, highlights the versatility of the author within this genre.

The book tells the story of Bilbo Baggins of Bag-End (Frodo's Uncle) and his colourful journey from his comfortable home under the hill in Hobbiton, to the bejeweled cave of Smaug the dragon. It tells of how he came to meet Gandalf, outsmarted the creature called Gollum, made it through the forests of Mirkwood, and robbed blind the most feared dragon in all the land.

The Hobbit is as humorous as it is colourful, and in reading it, I was always entertained. At 271 pages, it makes for great reading.