As we begin this month's edition, I just want to take a moment to thank all those who've clicked the "Like" button on our Facebook Page. Thanks to the 25 of you (so far), I've been able to assign a username to the page. This essentially means our Facebook page now has a customised URL. So you can now check us out at http:// on Facebook.

I know this edition is ridiculously late but as I mentioned on the blog, I've been experiencing some difficulties with getting back to the U.S. It looks like those difficulties may soon be over so you can expect a special edition on it all once I'm back and settled in the U.S.

So what do I have for you this time? Well, the articles in the last edition seemed to be extremely popular. So I've reassessed my content and decided to try having more articles and less reviews 🙂 So many of you read it that now I can't complain about electricity in Nigeria in public because you instantly remind me of The Benefits of Being Backwards.

Now here's what I've got in store. One yarn each from Christine and Chinwe. 3 articles by yours truly, some tech stuff, and a bit about another interesting personality I've stumbled upon!